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Directed Heat Drying... A Faster Way to Dry a Water Damaged Property!
Licensed, bonded and insured, SOS Team specialists are trained and IICRC certified to handle your property damage.

SOS Team has specialty equipment and techniques through direct heat drying for fast and effective results, which minimizes demolition.

We’ll perform a professional analysis to you and provide an assessment to you and the insurance adjuster.  

SOS Team is equipped with the a unique water damage restoration system called Thermal Energy System (TES), which allows us to dry wet structures at least twice as fast as ever before!

Utilizing Directed Heat Drying and the "Reets Evaporation Method", TES combines controlled heat and air flow to produce high-speed evaporation, dramatically improving the drying process.

How It Works

Evaporation has always been the bottleneck of drying. Most contractors know from experience that up to 97% of the water can be removed from the structure with good extraction (usually within two hours of arrival on the job).

The evaporation of the remaining 3% of the water is what is taking long! Even with good temperature control, air movement and dehumidification, most restorers are reporting 3 to 5 days for total drying.

A New Understanding of Drying Science

Water exists in three different phases - solid, liquid and vapor. Energy (heat) and airflow applied directly to water (liquid) will speed the phase change to vapor causing evaporation.

You have experienced this all your life! For example, how can you step out of a long shower into a small bathroom with water condensed on all the surfaces, including the fogged mirror and even have visible vapor (steam), yet dry your hair with a hair dryer?
The answer is, energy in the form of heat.

How to Speed Up the Evaporation Process

The force that motivates moisture to move is vapor pressure. If you have high vapor pressure in one room and lower vapor pressure in the room, vapor will move from higher vapor pressure to lower until the pressure equalizes.

Evaporation takes place when the vapor pressure of the liquid is greater than the vapor pressure in the air. The higher the vapor pressure of the water at the surface and the lower the vapor pressure in the air at that surface, the faster evaporation
takes place. This is the key to drying faster!


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